The project created for the Switch Football Academy was published in the latest edition of the book Win Out, that showcases more than 80 global designs for sports brands and events, and provides interviews with the designers and contributors.

Switch Football Academy is a group that is wholly committed to attaining excellence to change the narratives currently realizable in the Nigerian football circle – particularly as it relates to grassroots football. The group started its operation in 2018 and they needed a complete sports branding and identity to promote their ideas and services.

 Nacione™ was responsible for developing a fresh and complete branding platform from strategy to implementation. The project also includes the creation of the shield, alternative brand versions, such as corporate, brand applications in jerseys, variation for merchandising material, store, and transportation. The hot new thing is the creation of a shield inspired by retro brands, to give a variety of applications and allow them to tell the story of a new brand, but with a different thought.