PBHA: Dedication
and hard work.


Client: Portuguese Ball Hockey Association
Where: Toronto, Canada.
Year: 2018

Agency: Nacione™ Branding
Rooster Illustration: Renan Prestes (contato.riscoserabiscos@gmail.com)

The Portuguese Ball Hockey Association aims to be Portugal’s ultimate role model for the sport of ball hockey. Setting a standard by combining passion, competitive spirit, community involvement, and pride. The goal to achieve international recognition through leadership, dedication and hard work. Nacione™ was in charge of creating the entire brand identity that reviewed all the creative needs for PBHA, helping their business to thrive. We've come up with a Portuguese shield mixed with the iconic Portuguese Rooster, inspired by the Galo de Barcelos, in a unique and modern brand.

PBHA Brand Identity By Nacione33PBHA Brand Identity By Nacione33