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Client: Porto Alegre Pumpkins
Where: Porto Alegre, Brazil
Year: 2015

Agency: Nacione™ Branding

Porto Alegre Pumpkins are a football team founded in 2005 in Porto Alegre, capital of Rio Grande do Sul state in the South of Brazil. The team asked for a complete brand refresh with the intent to bring more value to the team’s brand on the national and international scenario. The Project demanded researches, analysis, and interviews with more than 60 people, among players, technical team and supporters. The goal was to gain opinions and different perspectives from those people and then develop a brand strategy.

The strategy had to deliver a logical form of how to organize the products lines, preferably similar to American teams from NFL. It also should reflect the ambition and desire to strengthen the brand and open new businesses shown by the directive board on the briefing. The team is already four times state champion and is looking for more. The goal of the project was to strength Pumpkins’ brand and then increases its brand value in a way that the team and the games will become a good choice of entertainment for the sports fans in Porto Alegre city. The team used to have the same visual identity since its foundation in 2005 and a lot of things happened since then.

The new brand allows the team to communicate the new phase it’s entering. Pioneers on the sport in Porto Alegre, Pumpkins starts 2016 with a new positioning targeting the excellence of product through the brand refresh. It was important to highlight the power of the Orange as the main team color since its foundation. Besides than identity and brand, new verbal and visual expressions were developed, as the uniforms for training, casual and game apparel. For a complete implementation of the new brand, a stadium proposition was developed. The Stadium has the capacity to hold 30000 visitors, has an administrative building to host the management team and a space to create a brand experience and make Pumpkins notorious as the first football team which invested in branding in Brazil.

"The strategy had to deliver a logical form of how to organize the products lines, preferably similar to American teams from NFL."

Ricardo Carvalho,
Project Director.

"The result was fantastic, totally beyond expectation, for innovation and creativity of what was proposed by Nacione. This work has enabled us to be more professional as an institution, generating opportunities and relationships with players, clients, associates and sponsors."

Thiago Maha, Porto Alegre Pumpkins' President