Year: 2018
Agency: Nacione™ Branding

The World Cup makes us dream. With unforgettable moments, we thought that it would be a good idea to produce some cards to helps us to remember this event in the future. We tried our best to create weekly cards to highlight the three best matches by week. We got Cristiano Ronaldo's amazing goal against Spain, Russia not giving up on their dream. Croatia and Belgium writing the history.

We did that by pasting the player's celebrations into the cards with the results. And we added colors by using their flags as background. Like a painting, now the World Cup just exists in our memories or in the canvas. To apply the results on the artworks, we developed our official font: Nacione™ Flag, which is a non-sense, without-rules and rebel font. Flag is a monospaced type that mixes the upper cases with the low cases. Flag is a font without rules. A mess like 7x1. We focused on creating a font that you can read, but not judge. After all, they are just football cards.