Client: Marilia Oliveira and Igor Mirković
Where: Zagreb, Croatia
Year: 2018

Agency: Nacione™ Branding


Marzito is a Travel Agency, located in Croatia. The company operates in Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia – Herzegovina and Montenegro. Nacione™ Branding was the responsible for bringing to life the wish of the company to highlight the power of the Adriatic Sea into a cool, relaxing, happy and passionate brand strategy and identity.

The starting point to develop this brand was to talk about travel despite 
of the difference between the countries. We choose to highlight the experience of the region to give more power to destinations. The name Marzito means "Little Sea" in Portuguese, which allowed us to be inspired by sea colors like blue and green. The destinations have personalized signatures inspired by travel stamps.

Nacione Branding Project for Marzito26Nacione Branding Project for Marzito26

"I had a feeling in mind, an emotion, but I had no idea how to turn it into a visual identity. Nacione™ managed to capture exactly the essence of what I wanted. It could not get any better, it was perfect! From colors to lines, everything is completed in perfect harmony."

Marilia de Oliveira,