Client: inGoal / Portal do Rugby
Where: São Paulo, Brazil
Year: 2019
Agency: Nacione™ Branding
Website: MZG Web


Launched in 2008 as a Blog, Portal do Rugby grew in the Brazilian sports segment and became, during that time, the main media about Rugby in Brazil. With an impeccable density and precise 
sport coverage on and off the field, the website was elected the best Brazilian Rugby coverage from 2010 to 2017, with the purpose of promoting the dissemination of the sport not only from Brazil, but also from the world, through photos, videos and statistics of the championships.

T H E   P R O B L E M

Celebrating 10 years of existence, the look of the brand and the site was out of date. The interaction of the site with the new digital platforms was not compatible with the evolution of the business, and the brand had to be questioned about its role in the Rugby scene to position it as one of the fundamental partners for the growth of the sport, Brazil.

W H A T   W E   D I D

Nacione™ was responsible for restructuring 
the brand through a young, digital and communicative brand, and extending that idea to all touchpoints, especially in the digital environment. The brand gained a new color, still green as the old one, but with a nice touch that provokes the Rugby in its classic and formal style. The icon of the brand was inspired by a Rugby ball passing through a portal, like a black hole, representing the connection of the sport with the digital world. The project also counts on brand strategy, business positioning, communication evolution and Nacione™ also took care of all the brand implantation in the environments where it exists.

Nacione Branding - Portal do Rugby2Nacione Branding - Portal do Rugby2


"Working with Nacione™ was an incredible experience. With ten years managing the website that evolved to become a niche-focused media group, we felt that hardly we could improve it with a vision for the future, but that is exactly what they did, not only shaping our new identity, but looking forward to show us to continue to evolve and communicate with the market to grow beyond our borders. ""

Daniel Venturole, inGoal / Portal do Rugby Business Director.



"Give voice and face to Rugby. Inform 365 days a year what happens in our modality in Brazil and in the world. The mission of our brand is a philosophy of 10 years of life and Nacione™ has gone deep in our DNA to give us new breath, modern aesthetics, up-to-date concepts, horizons and perspectives. "  

Victor Ramalho, inGoal / Portal do Rugby Content Director


Nacione Branding - Portal do Rugby28Nacione Branding - Portal do Rugby28