Client: F4TAL Street Football
Where: London, United Kingdom
Year: 2017

Agency: Nacione™ Branding


F4TAL is a 5-a-side street football team from London, UK. The inspiration to create the crest was the name “Fatal“, the word, in its essence, means something that kills you. Fatal is a toxic gas. Fatal is the end. And what is to be fatal in football? Fatal is a killer player. A good striker. A great goalkeeper. Fatal is a move of death. The crest was designed inspired by all football players’ tattoos. Something fatal and aggressive marked on their skins. The F4TAL players love the taste of victory. They don’t feel threatened. The toxic gas isn’t toxic for him. Because he is the gas.

Behance F4TAL Branding F4TAL3Behance F4TAL Branding F4TAL3