Client: Armada Futebol Americano e Porto Alegre Gorillas
Where: Porto Alegre, Brazil
Year: 2018

Agency: Nacione™ Branding
Photos: Camila Thomaz Fotografia / Archive


The Independencia Bowl was a celebration game between the teams Armada Futebol Americano and Porto Alegre Gorillas,
in decision by the leadership of the group in the National Football League in Brazil. The date of the game was next to the Independence Day of Brazil, on September 7, this being the theme chosen to give name and color to the game.

W H A T   W E   D I D

Nacione ™ was in charge to create the visual concept of the game's platform. We have developed the visual structure of the brand identity from the diagonals that appears on the Brazilian flag and also on the planes of the Esquadrilha da Fumaça, Brazilian Air Force's air demonstration squadron, to translate in shape and colors the speed of the players.

The result was a new way to use the typical Brazilian colors to celebrate the game between the main football teams of the city of Porto Alegre, in 
Rio Grande do Sul.

"It is essential to invest in championship brands and especially in the festive and celebratory games. The teams have opened the door to new partners and sponsors who contributed to the maintenance and promotion of the sport."

Ricardo Carvalho, Creative Director.

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