Written by
Ricardo Carvalho


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Stadium revenue, cast, products, and sponsorships. In a superficial analysis, it may even seem simple to raise the data that proves the real value of a sports brand. The most dynamic variable in this math is not a number that defines its potential market value but rather the power of engagement that it can tease in a local and global community.


Analyzing the market potential of a brand and putting it on a list that identifies the most valuable brands in the world is no longer an easy task. Defining the value of a brand and its business potential can seem a simple and totally rational task if you take into account premises that prove and guide a real perception of this effect in the day to day of a company or a club. But there is one variable that can change the club's involvement with fans: the power of engagement that a brand can bring.

The brand is the element that alters the entire genetics of a club's market value. It takes on a key role in maintaining the desire that fans will have to consume a product from your club or not. It can make a simple material into something unmissable; something useless in useful. And this is very important because this perception, which is built into the consciousness of each of the fans, transforms the real value of a sports brand into a business opportunity.

Sport connects with people through the metaphor of our own lives in mistakes, successes, difficulties and challenges to provoke an enthusiasm. Stories that have originated in the fields and sports battles are transported to our daily lives and develop our imagery resulting in motivation. The difference is that in the sporting environment, this motivation becomes a faithful commitment between supportive and supportive club and fan in a much more potent dose. And it's the power of that dose of motivation that makes one brand in one club more valuable than another. This can be reverberated in greater numbers in sales of products, in the interest in watching games and all other activities that tie the choice of the service with an effective purchase of a product.

"The brand is the element that changes all the genetics of the market value of a club. It takes on a key role in keeping the commitment and desire that fans will have to consume a product from your club or not."

Brands work from in-depth and researched definitions that detail where it can act, what it can do, and what it should avoid. For a sports brand to have more impact on the business world and transcends its communicative function, it needs to remain committed to the quality of its speech, leaving no doubt about its positioning.

A consistent brand fosters business creativity, makes product more attractive, and prevents the club from being a loyal customer of unsalted marketing trends. Engagement is neither bought nor determined. It is the result of a long work that runs in the right direction, in an authentic way, that does not leave masks by trends.