Written by
Ricardo Carvalho


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In a world where companies have already started this brand changing movement, it’s impossible to leaves sports brands behind. The sport offers this kind of opportunity for those who are losing: there will always be another chance.

A branding project is about focus. About objectives. We focus on the return on investment we want to have. First of all comes the business’ health, which cannot make loss. But we also think about how we can enhance a product in its most immeasurable possible way: the fan’s passion.

Visibility and brand partnership are important for the sport business because both brands will profit. The sponsor must always have an aligned discourse with the sponsored, defending values that complement each other and that both create even stronger brands. All the concerned parts, from fans to the sport material suppliers, contribute for the construction of a club’s brand. And none of them must sacrifice the meaning of its brand only by exhibiting. At this point, I am not going to try to show which brands have this similar position, but it is something that must not be ignored.

 The risk is to cause an opposite effect: confusing messages, where the sponsor and the sponsored defend different ideas. Nowadays we are way ahead when we talk about the return on investment in the sports. The clubs have a mindset turned to licensing and the brand’s exhibition, the quality of the transmissions is getting better in terms of delivering the product and they are gradually segmenting the market with new sports and the market has shown that the investment is worth. People pay a lot for products that they like to consume. And the passion that the sport has as a business helps influence the perception some people have in relation to some business, for example. Loyalty becomes an effective business.

 However, we are talking about branding projects and, beyond consumption, we are talking about memories. The emotional connection the brands bring along helps create confidence relations between the company and the consumer. And turning intangible values into business is a challenge that we have before thinking about marketing, the exhibition and the selling. Above all, we are making a project to differentiate the product, aligning the discourse of the national team with their roots and their essence.


“And turning intangible values into business is a challenge that we have before thinking about marketing, the exhibition and the selling.”


We allow ourselves to dream and to test ideas in the practice to find ways that may be worthwhile and that have potential in the sport market. We can access the media return, the return of sponsoring and even access where it’s worth investing the money in quality sport. The emotional connection is however only measured when the brands that are orbiting around the sport start in fact to make the difference in the life of the fans and consumers. When we notice that our fan understood the message, from which an expansion of the brand movement takes place, we know we did a good work.

There are efficient ways to measure the value of a brand. And together, the brands in the sport context converge to a positive construction of the image people will have of the clubs, the businesses and the players. Our role is, above all, to strengthen this confidence relation, in order to start thinking later about the revenue increase of the involved brands, as well as the necessity of exposition, and mainly to engage consumers and new consumers to accept and use new products.