Written by
Ricardo Carvalho



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Sports jerseys have always been made for the game. When the rule was to be different from the other rival team, just to use another color worked. Today they assume the position of social affirmation, of the value of the sport as a differentiator, and more importantly, take stories from the field to the streets.

If comfort was not a mandatory word to think about making sports uniforms, the concept has been growing in the last decade as the most important item when dressing a team. Beautiful uniforms can even sell more, but if it is also comfortable, it wins the streets and communicates who people are. Not only to support a team but also see to show to everyone that the fan is the team.

Team shirts have always been the same for home games, and with inverted colors for visiting games. Main sponsorship engraved on the chest and it was ready. It was what he had. But that time when the team could not sell the sponsorship and the shirt was sold "clean" made everything a little more attractive. Times began to draw inspiration from the concept of clean and vibrant national team uniforms.

The great brands of sports materials have done incredible works not only by the technology that allow the athletes to focus on their competitive activities, but also think of the discard as a product that cannot be left out when the question is to preserve the environment. But on the other hand, we have products that are increasingly intelligent and that are ecologically correct, well produced and that bring a wealth of details that tell the story of our team, begin to lose sight of the low price. Even if it is done for the ride, it has to exist to give voice to the fans, and it must be able to continue buying.

"Teams must face the challenge of increasingly offering products that signify the new, within a same brand-driven sphere."

The evolution of the game material was reflected in the product model offered. Today we can buy different versions of the same uniform, embroidered items or not. As material and shapes evolved from field to street, aesthetics still remains in the field culture.

Team shirts have everything to win even more the streets and the more casual places. Teams must face the challenge of increasingly offering products that signify the new, within a same brand-driven sphere. We are now looking forward to the uniforms that do not spoil, that do not fade, and especially, that do not go out of fashion. Good uniform is one that lasts until it is passed on to someone when it no longer suits you. Or that you keep and remember one of the best times of your life.



Photo by Fachry Zella Devandra on Unsplash