Written by
Ricardo Carvalho


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The World Cup in France reveals a more developed women's football on and off the field. What used to be a variation of the different options of football championships, today stands out as an authentic championship among nations that promote performance, success and above all, the courage to bring back the emotion to the most popular sport in the world.


The value of women's football and its success at the World Cup in 2019 shows not only the social transformation in which we live but also how football does not tire of reinventing itself. A championship with surprising and charismatic athletes, which is still completed by an audience that attracts peaceful and contagious fans.

In a world where men's football shows itself more and more of the same, it broadens its problems and suffers from changes that promote the magic of the game between fair teams, the answer that women's football gives is loud and clear: there is room for another kind of energy in football. There is room for new football habits. And there are many people who want to see and practice women's football.


“The answer that women's football gives is loud and clear: there is room for another kind of energy in football.”


If today we seek so much innovation of technologies, materials, processes, products and people within the sport, perhaps the best answer lies in the revolution of how we can provide the consumer with what he wants to see, what he feels represented. Watching the Women's Soccer World Cup today is seeing a new chance in a sport that if little reinvents itself, but that is still reflection for much that happens outside of it.

The (increasingly) independence of women's football is the flag we need to exemplify the new gas that exists in sport through the participation of women in all categories of the most diverse modalities. The time is to continue hoping that football and all other modalities create the opportunities that are necessary so that representativeness and originality continue bringing the novelty for any and all sports.