Nacione™ Nitro Action Program 2019

Nacione™ Nitro Action Program is a sports brand acceleration program within a one-year period to strengthen and mentor clubs, athletes, competitions and sporting events through a branding and communication project that selected in relation to the business and their respective areas of activity. The project is an initiative of Nacione ™ Branding, a global branding and sports marketing agency with offices and representatives in Brazil, Mexico and the United Kingdom.


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Nacione™ Nitro Action is an acceleration program to establishing sports brands for athletes, clubs, competitions, and sporting events. The process lasts about a year from conception to implementation and validation. Candidates must submit the necessary information for registration of the sporting entity and will be selected by a trial committee that will decide which of the projects will be supported by Nacione™.

For the first time, the agency Nacione™ Branding will open vacancies for candidates to sign up through a program to strengthen the process of creating sports brands. Only two candidates will be selected to participate in the program, regardless of category, sports performance or relevance to followers and fans on social networks.

The selected candidates in the program will receive, in a project that will be elaborated in conjunction with the selected one:

- Strategic Communication Management 
- Creation of brand, logo, visual identity and strategic positioning
- Tracking of brand performance
- Marketing and Communication Planning
- Corporate presentation



Nacione™ Nitro Action Program aims to provide support to clubs, athletes, competitions and sporting events to develop and foster discussion about investment and brand potential in the sports and entertainment segment. The program also offers the chance for candidates to have the first contact with the creation and organization of a communication material created by a global sports agency, without costs and fees involved, as a form of support and incentive for the strengthening and promotion of the brands involved.


Athletes, clubs, competitions, and brands that represent sporting events of a social or non-social nature based in any part of the world that have been or have been in operation for at least 03 (three) years are eligible to participate in the program. There are no limitations regarding the level of sports performance, category, social relevance, gender, age or any other type of sports segmentation. Candidates must prove their activity through indexes, awards, medals, and photos. Nacione™ encourages the registration of athletes, clubs, competitions and sporting events of all possible styles and categories, regardless of profile, ability or limitations.


Candidates should send the information below to the email with the title "Nitro Action 2019".

1. Name and basic information about the athlete, club, competition or sporting event in question.
2. Brief historical profile, with photos of awards confirmations or podiums.
3. Links to social networking profiles, if any.
4. Name, Telephone and email of the contact responsible for the candidate.
5. Answer what are the main needs and difficulties that the candidate in question faces or has faced throughout his career in the sport.



Candidates will be selected for the project according to their performance and participation in competitions within the period of the last 03 (three) years. The Nacione ™ team will evaluate the candidates by the following criteria: (1) Potential for effectiveness of results obtained with the project, (2) category of performance in the sport, (3) Relevance of the project and its results for the selected, (4) Relevance of the selected in social networks and digital media, (5) Potential to follow the Official Support project of Nacione ™ Branding.


February 15th, 2019 - Closing of registrations
March 1st, 2019 - Announcement of selected participants

April 1st, 2019 - Beginning of the project



1. The selected participant must not have an account or contract linked to any other agency, consultancy or design company, advertising, and similar, in the country of operation or in any other part of the world.

2. Athletes, clubs, competitions or sporting events will be selected that identify the real need for a project like this, according to the potential and the engagement that the selected has in relation to their performance in the sports market.

3. The Program does not involve or offer any type of financial or monetary incentive, either in the form of investment or sports sponsorship. Nitro Action is a way of supporting sports brands documented in a strategic and intellectual project. Those selected will be able to extend their relationship with Nacione™ according to the success and goals achieved with the project if it is of the interesting of Nacione ™ and those in charge.

4. In case of withdrawal of the selection program, the selected ones will not be able to use the project created by Nacione ™ Branding on any desired platform. New candidates will be selected according to the number of dropouts.

5. Nacione™ undertakes to reserve all information sent by email to candidates. The program is in the format of selection of candidates who have an interest in the project, exempting any type of promotion or lottery for selection. Only the information to identify those selected for the Program will be released later. Candidates who are not selected will not have information disclosed.

6. Candidates who do not fit all or any information contained in this editorial will not be accepted.

7. Athletes, sports clubs, social clubs, sports competitions, sporting events and sporting social events may be involved, whether amateur, intermediary or professional. Nacione™ team will commit to judging the candidates according to the potential of the project for each candidate or selected, regardless of their level of sports performance.




Candidates who have questions, questions, or need any other additional information should send an email to under the title "Doubts Nitro Action 2019". Nacione™ team will answer all questions within the stipulated enrollment deadline.



Nacione™ is a global consulting firm specialized in branding and strategic management for entertainment, sports and tourism industries. One of the few branding agencies focused on the sports segment, Nacione™ stood out in 2018 for the quality of its projects and the multidisciplinarity of its team, which maintains a high level of delivery and design differentiation on a global scale. Nacione™ also acts as an official supporter of a number of athletes, teams, and competitions around the world, helping brands in the sports market to develop in a solid and competitive way.

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