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Fearless Champions

The Lunar-X Cup is London's newest small sided football tournament, bringing together the city's finest ballers in the ultimate battle for the Lunar-X Cup! Fast-flowing football, silky skills and goals galore is sure to make this the most exciting football tournament in London! You and your squad could be wit in a chance of being the Lunar-X Cup champions! Don't miss out, register now!

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Nacione Lunar X Cup9Nacione Lunar X Cup9

Tournament Schedule

Each team entered will play all the other teams entered in the Lunar-X Cup in the first round. Then in the second round the winners out of the first round will play the winners and the losers of the first round will play the losers. The third round will known as the Winner Stays as matches will commence from the second round, the winners of that round will continue to play on until they are defeated. The two teams with the most wins during the Winner Stays on round will both enter the Lunar-X Cup final with a chance to become the London's Lunar-X Champions! 

Nacione Lunar X Cup15Nacione Lunar X Cup15

Get in touch

We are excited to be bringing to London the Lunar-X Cup, bringing a fresh new injection of passion and football to players and fans alike. To connect with us, collaborate or simply have a question connect with us:

Twitter: @fnfchamp
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