Té de Brujas" is a rock band in Mexican Spanish with two studio albums "Fantasies hallucinations and tragedies" and "Closed eyes cinema". At the moment the band works in a third disc.

With a cool mix between Mexican roots and international rock style, the band spread their message through different song styles from modern rock to classic style, using lyrics and themes from everyday life -  which makes to compare and think about the roots in Latin America.  If you are a Latin Rock fan, you should definitely listen to their last album, Cine de Ojos Cerrados.

Photo: Archive

by Té de Brujas

Location: Puebla, México
Musical Style: Latin Rock

Instagram profile: https://www.instagram.com/te.de.brujas
Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/tedebrujasoficial
Twitter Profile: https://twitter.com/TdBrujasOficial


01. Let’s talk about the process of musical creation. We would like to know more about your inspirations. Who are your idols and heroes? Is there any influence from other musical genres beyond those that you produce nowadays?

For us, the process of creating music is a full-time job because our inspirations come from everywhere, books from movies, funny sense of life etc. Each member has their own heroes and their own influences that were marked from when they where kids but when we are in the studio preparing a song we mix all that and the result is what you hear in our songs. We are always looking for better alternatives, that way the music that we create today doesn´t sound the same as it did in the beginning. We like to write complete albums so all the songs share a theme or atmosphere but different from our previous albums.

02. Tell us a little bit more about your creative process when writing your lyrics or composing your songs. What is the best thing of the world in order to spur your creativity?

The creative process of a song always starts ( in our case) in a room by ourselves with a guitar or a piano or just a blank piece of paper. Walking on the streets, living life absorbing everything that is in our surroundings and then we take all that and spit it all on paper.

03. The music industry nowadays is different from the one in the past. What is the best thing nowadays? And the worst? Which role does the market play nowadays in the production of your material?

The music industry as definitely changed a lot, my generation lived that emotion of going out to the store and buy cassettes and CDs, it was special and valuable.
You would take it 
everywhere and you would listen to it over and over again until the tape came out or the CDs got scratched. We think those times were the best. The interesting part of today is that your music can be heard all over the world in a heartbeat (honestly we don't really know if this is an advantage or a disadvantage. When things are easy, they lose their value).

04. What is the connection between the music you produce and the city you live in? Is there any connection in between them?

We would like to think the music and its surroundings are one... sometimes we don´t know why or how but it is like that.

05. Does any other city inspire your music? How does the city’s music scene contribute to your creative process?

There's a phrase that we like a lot “the stones meet when they are rolling” and it always happens, music artist end up meeting one way or another. We share ideas and experiences and we make the local scene grow.

06. In your opinion, what is the power of music?

Music is like a photographic filter, with the right music you can paint your daily life.

​​​​​​07. Explain to us the reason why you selected each song of your Playlist.

We chose these songs because they have marked our  lives one way or another and they are the ones that define me the most.


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