Rising Bones is a band with classic rock roots. The latest album, Upside Down, brings the power of rock into a record that appears to be recorded live. Guitar riffs mix with keyboards and drum introductions, building the versatility that rock allows to keep alive the sound that has popularized epic bands in the world. 

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by Rising Bones

City: Vila Velha, Brazil
Musical Style: Classic Rock / Hard Rock / Stoner Rock
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/risingbones/
Website: https://www.risingbones.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/risingbonesoficial/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/risingbonesbr



01. Let's talk about the process of creating your music. We want to know about your inspirations. Who are your idols and your heroes? Is there any influence from other musical genres other than the one you produce today?

The band has the greatest musical inspiration of "Classic Rock / Hard Rock" and their biggest icons (Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, Black Sabbath, AC/DC , Pink Floyd, Queen, Guns N "Roses, Aerosmith and Metallica). Somehow, we are influenced by musical styles and individual taste bands of each member. This ends up going through different styles without prejudice and always trying to bring as many positive things into the compositions.

02. Tell us a little about your creative process for writing your music or producing your music. Do your melodies start from the melody of an instrument, or do you have some other creative method?

The melodies are born of a process of intuition with a mixture of attempts, through recordings of pre-productions of each idea. Already the lyrics are a mixture of daily situations of each human being, with a little personal side and life experiences of the band.

03. The album Upside Down shows how your music takes shape on several fronts, in production, in lyrics, in melodies. How do you share the creation and participation of each sound so that everything behaves well in the same style?

As was said earlier. All ideas considered good are recorded through recorded pre-productions. This allows us to alter and test various forms of parts of each song, according to the inspirations and tests that are emerging in the creative process. When we arrive at a final criterion of evaluation of the general structure of the music, it is separated for the vocal lines and letters. We start from the principle that an album must have connections between the songs, as if it were telling a sound story, with beginning, middle and end.

4. How was the formation process of the band?

The band started in 2016, through the first creation and production processes, made by "Irwing Rocha" (guitarist / producer), who shortly after the end of two tracks that make up the album "Upside Down", invited "Marco Cypreste "(vocals) to start the vocal lines and lyrics of the band. Soon after, "Gustavo Bride" (drummer) was invited to enter the beginning of the whole creation process in 2016. In 2017 with some definite compositions and the idea of recording the first album, "Eric Roland" (bass) and the "Thaysa Pizzolato" (keyboardist), to close the team and give the final touch that the band needed.

05. How did you think about differentiating yourself in a musical style compared to other Brazilian bands? How do you do to maintain your own style but still maintain the inspirations and musical references of other bands and artists?

From the beginning, we wanted to compose songs that could be heard and appreciated all over the world, and those future generations would become timeless. The band is meant to bring the sound to the outside. What makes the compositions a little different from what we usually hear in Brazilian bands, maintaining a style proper to our influences and strands. We seek to use our musical references as an impulse to creativity and not as a follow-up to phonographic market tendencies. We believe that this is the formula of not repeating, even though you have to remember other artists and bands.

06. What are the plans of the band for the future, both in the creation of new songs and concerts? Will we have an album coming soon?

The band plans to push the album "Upside Down" as much as possible in the first half of 2019, focusing on big cities, radios, websites and digital media, for who knows, to spark interest from producers, concert halls, and major festivals nationals and internationals.

Two songs from a future album, are already being played in our live repertoire, and one of them should become a single called "Concept". It will be almost impossible not to record a second album at the end of 2019, because we have practically all the tracks ready, and with a different track from the album "Upside Down". We are very keen to change from one album to another, without losing the original identity.

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