Formed by Tom Rodrigues (guitar / vocals), Rogério Madeira (bass) and Laura Brandhuber (drums), the band defends the colors of Rondonian rock since 2011. The band has a disc of the same name (2014) an EP Live (2017) and has just released the album "Hasta Onde Toca O Horizonte" with sponsorship from the State of Rondônia.

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by Os Últimos

City: Ariquemes, Brazil
Musical Style: Rock
Instagram Profile: @bandaosultimos
Twitter Profile: @bandaosultimos



1. Let's talk about the process of creating your music. We want to know about your inspirations. Who are your idols and your heroes Is there any influence from other musical genres other than the one you produce today?

Even though the three of us come from different backgrounds, there are certainly always influences giving us a feel for our compositions. But I would say even more than our great heroes like Led, Floyd, and Beatles besides the Tupiniquins heroes like Tim Maia, Jorge Ben, Paralamas, and so on we have influenced ourselves a lot more by traveling band friends such as White or Red, Casino Supernova among others with whom we already had the pleasure of dividing the stage

02. Tell us a little about your creative process for writing your music or producing your music. Their melodies depart from
a melody of an instrument or do you have some other creative method?

Nowadays I no longer have a "formula" to compose, usually, this happens in several ways. Music can be born almost "ready" as "The Love Not Always" that was made of improvisation in less than 10 minutes is as if lyrics and melody were waiting there. Or it may take more than 3 years as "The Army of the Clones" whose melody had been around for a long time however they were several and several versions of the letter until arriving at a result that we wanted.

03. The album "Hasta Onde Toca o Horizonte" shows how your music takes shape on several fronts, in production, in the variation of style. How do you share the creation and participation of each sound so that everything behaves well in the same style?
Tom is the one who writes the songs so far. Usually, the letter comes ready and from it, we make the arrangements in Rogério always has some groove to fit the melodies. The process of designing the songs is usually quick because we have already learned how to fit the arrangements in order to preserve our influences while maintaining our own style.

04. How was the formation process of the band?
We already knew each other from the school days, Laura and Rogerio already had a band when I started playing there. the early 2000s. Then we started to meet more through the band festivals that they organized. But it was only in 2009 when we were playing in the night in a different band that was born the idea to form a power trio of our own sound. It still took months of "dating" Rogério and I talked every day about how we wanted the band to happen then Let's invite Laura to see us soon.

05. How did you think about differentiating yourself in a musical style compared to other Brazilian bands? How do you do to keep your own style, but still keep the inspirations and musical references of other bands and artists?
This was never premeditated, what we always had in mind was to make a sound that mixes the influences gringas of rock and Indie with all that Tropicália and Bossa nova we heard.

06. For you, what is the power of music? What makes it so important these days?
Music has the power to transform people and environments through which it circulates. Without music, life would be a mistake. Is important, above all, for the message that can carry and pass to people. The music is chilling, it is a balm in tumultuous days, tells stories and goes through generations with his message.

07. What are the plans of the band for the future, both in creating new songs and shows? Will we have an album coming soon?
Our second album is still very recent and the focus now is to work on his release. This year we will be launching two clips with songs from "As far as the horizon" and we intend to play in all regions of Brazil with our new show, besides we are eyeing several independent music festivals across the country. For 2019 the tour continues and the sky is the limit, maybe some international show 🙂

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