by Eloy Polemico

Location: São Paulo, Brazil
Instagram profile: https://www.instagram.com/eloypolemico/
Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/EloyPolemico/
Twitter Profile: https://twitter.com/eloypolemico


01. Let’s talk about your inspiration to create music. Who are your idols, your heroes, and also what in the world is the best thing to activate your creativity?

I often see myself as a type of Miyamoto Musashi, or any other swordsman without a master. I followed the self-taught path of art through drawing, sports and then after, through the music. I was privileged by having musical richness, my mom used to listen to Zapp, The Jacksons, The Gap Band, James Brown, Whitney Houston, Berry White, Ray, and many things from that time, whilst I was listening to a lot of samba rock so my initial music background was loads of black music. I got out of my comfort zone after adolescence, when I discovered rock music, such times that made me love Iron Maiden, System of a Down, Slipknot, Silverchair, Angra, Sepultura, and a lot of sick things from 2000’s to nowadays. Getting involved with rap was like being summoned, I inspire myself on everything: my friends, Basketball, my family, a fight with a girlfriend. I take inspiration on a lot of things, I think every situation deserves a little reflection, the routine makes us act like crazy and many times we do and say things for the mere social convention, it’s that thing: everyone is saying so do I, everyone is doing so, do I.

To be very specific, nowadays I don’t really listen to music like I used to, no one does it anymore, I listen more to a researcher's ear, Spotify always helps me a lot, I discover tons of good tunes, I’ve been listening to music by periods, but there are some guys I always revisit their work, which are: Victor Xamã from Manaus, Davzera from Bahia, Nego Max from Vale do Paraiba, Dow Raiz from Curitiba and Parteum from São Paulo. And, my brothers from Rancho Montgomer that boost my work and good ideas always come up when we are together.

02. Tell us a little about your creative process to write your songs or produce your music.

First of all, I need a good beat, it has to be funky, joyful drums, well-elaborated elements, whether it’s simple or full of effects, must be of good taste, balanced. Usually, I produce my own beats but we have friends like Mestre Xim, Goribeatzz, DJ Tadela, Sala70, Jay Beats, TH Diresponsa, my man Sérgio Estranho, Dro Marafique and a bunch of other producer friends I admire and are always signing the productions of my songs. After I have a beat, I listen and feel what that instrumental is saying to me, it’s a ritual, but I have to relax, preferably accompanied by a “tea” session, I choose the base theme, and flirt with my first reflection in the slate.


03. The music market today is now way different from the past. What is the best thing that has come to these days and the worst thing?

The best things are the advance of technology which allows us to have relatively cheap professional equipment at home (if you know how to research), study at home and work for ourselves not only in the music industry but many others. The negative side is the exploitation of the commercial potential of the art from the suburbs and give the opportunity to people to take advantage of the most fragile part of the culture.

04. Explain why you selected each song in your playlist.

When people ask me to choose or quote a song usually I pick based on my state of mind, on my current phase, so each tune on this playlist represents a part of this last year.

05. What is the connection between the music you produce and the city in which you live? Is there any influence?

Totally. I only rap because I live in São Paulo and I was born in ’87. The streets speak with you, the skateboarding, basketball, movies, Will Smith on TV, Racionais, Doctor Mc’s, Ndee, Kamau, SNJ. Many things happened, many people influenced me and maybe if I lived in some other place I wouldn’t be giving this interview.  🙂

06. Did any other city inspire your work? How does the city's musical scene contribute to the process?
It’s very gratifying to meet new people, places, share knowledge, this exchanges make bonds and work stronger.

07. How can a place inspire an artist?

A place inspires only by being a place. An artist shouldn’t wait for the inspiration, the desire to create is almost like the proof that luck or God are intelligent forces. You just feel it, and if there is a technique to produce something artistic, be admirable, repulsive, complex, funny, sexy, dramatic, or just be, without clear adjectives, no definition, but something made by you. Art simply is. The observer creates its reality.

08. Is there any way to improve the musical scene in your city?

In my case, easy access to places in the north zone of São Paulo in a way that allows the organization of cultural events periodically. The movements are organized but the city hall and the state government want to bureaucratize what should be simple. Youngsters have information and are getting organized. The progress is inevitable.

09. For you, what is the power of the music?

We are what we think, and art changes our thinking in the most suitable way for each version of human being. Sound frequencies are very powerful, you enter people’s houses without permission, you reach the other side of the world, therefore it is essential to know what are the intentions that motivate your words in a s­ong for those who look for a life purpose.

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